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These Website Standard Terms and Conditions, as outlined on this page, govern your interaction with and use of our site, BetWise PH, accessible at www.betwise.ph. You agree to all terms and conditions presented herein by engaging with this Website. Should you find any of these terms unacceptable, you are advised against using this Website. It is important to note that individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from using this Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Except for the content that you have rightfully owned, BetWise PH and/or its licensors hold exclusive rights over all intellectual property and material available on this Website. You are granted a limited license aimed solely at viewing the content showcased on this Website.


As a user of this Website, you are expressly and emphatically restricted from the following actions:

  • Republishing, distributing, or using Website material in any other media without prior consent.
  • Commercializing any Website material, including sale, sublicense, or any form of distribution.
  • Performing or publicly displaying any Website material without authorization.
  • Engaging with this Website in any manner that could be deemed harmful or potentially damaging to the Website itself.
  • Utilizing this Website in a way that disrupts user access or is contrary to applicable laws and regulations or in any manner that may cause undue harm to the Website or to any individual or business entity.
  • Participating in data mining, data harvesting, data extracting, or any similar activity in relation to this Website for any unauthorized purpose.
  • Employing this Website as a platform for advertising or marketing without explicit permission.

These guidelines are designed to ensure a respectful, lawful, and safe environment for all users, safeguarding the integrity and intellectual property contained within the Website. Compliance with these terms not only supports a harmonious and productive user experience but also upholds the legal and ethical standards set forth by BetWise PH. Violations of these terms could lead to restrictions on access or legal action, emphasizing the importance of adherence for a continued and beneficial use of the services provided.